Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab
Duotone Slick D/Lab

Duotone Slick D/Lab

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Duotone Slick D/Lab

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The Duotone Slick D/Lab epitomizes cutting edge wing technology delivering unrivalled freeride and freestyle performance.

With premium Aluula material on the leading edge and strut enhances responsiveness, power delivery, and light wind performance while delivering exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The MOD3 canopy adds dynamism, and the Mini Boom provides precise steering and control with an unlimited range of grip options. 

For 2024, the refined wing outline features a smooth transition from the leading edge to the wing tips, boosting overall efficiency and reducing tip drag. A new panel layout enhances draft stability and power, and the tuned canopy tension, and wing profile eliminate the need for hand adjustments during gusts, ensuring superior top-end control and de-power.

Available in six sizes ranging from 4.0 to 6.5 meters, the 2024 Slick D/LAB is an innovative wing, blending state-of-the-art materials with refined design for the ultimate in performance and control.

*Coiled Wrist Leash, Mini Boom and Pump sold separately.


Size Knots Kg with Carbon Boom Max PSI
3.5m 16-33 1.6 9.0
4.0m 14-30 1.8 8.5
4.5m 12-28 2.0 8.0
5.0m 10-25 2.1 8.0
5.5m 9-22 2.2 7.5
6.0m 8-20 2.3 7.0
6.5m 7-18 2.5 7.0
Wind Range
Mini Boom:

The innovative Mini Boom on centre strut design combines the best of both worlds in one wing – infinite hand placement and ease of handling for all types of freeride and freestyle moves, with neutral drift and floating ability of a strut wing for effortless surfing and downwinders. It gives the Foil Wing best ease of use with unlimited hand placements and highest level of performance. For takeoff power and efficient pumping of the wing, the rider has a stiff and strong connection to the wing.

A huge plus point of having a fixed boom in the Wing Foil is that it allows for fine control inputs as well as enabling to freely move the wing foil without the need to go reach for handles. The light weight boom also keeps the entire Wing in a state of tension wihch means it can be 'pumped' for light winds.

The Mini Boom is simply inserted into the webbing on the back of the strut and then pushed into the connection for the boom front, which is additionally secured by two retainer Velcro straps. Installing the Mini Boom only takes a few seconds and the inflation pressure guarantees a solid and intuitive handling sensation.

Available in a Aluminium (585g) or Carbon (330g) option.

Wing Geometry:

Moderate dihedral of the leading edge with a solid frame of front tube diameter and strut, plus finely tuned profile and canopy tension make the Slick powerful and incredibly efficient to get up and going, while also behaving really neutral and lightweight when depowered or held on the front handle on the wave or during downwinders.

Positive Lift:

Easy for tacks, lifty for jumps. Various design features give the new Slick D/Lab a positive lift, which gives you an easy and light feel through basic moves like tacks and jibes, but also improves hangtime.

Fast Response:

Perfect for quick rotations. The Penta TX leading edge and strut gives the wing a crisp and fast response to your steering, which has benefits for pumping, acceleration and all sorts of freestyle.

Wing Span:

Easy to handle for all sizes of riders. The new Slick D/Lab has become slightly wider in span, which helps drift stability and power delivery, yet it still features a more compact outline than the Unit.


Add stability in the canopy and reduce flattern and drag to a minimum and therefore improves the wind range. It assists the Foil Wing in his upwind ability, for safety and versatility and increase top-end.

The combined tension of the boom, battens and inflatable leading edge also fixes the geometry of the Foil Wing in a 'wing up' formation. This dihedral design helps keep the wing tips out of the water as well as provide a stable flight, particularly when transitioned above your head for tacking upwind and gybing downwind. The leading edge only requires just 6 PSI of air to inflate fully.

Control Bar