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Flysurfer Tao

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Flysurfer Tao

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Feel the joy of riding a lighter, faster, and more balanced surf wing with ultimate manoeuverability. Our streamlined construction approach with contemporary aesthetics features the highest usability. Against the tone and pace of today’s world, with a focus on flowing freely through wind and waters. The Flysurfer TAO is perfectly aligned with your body!

The wing packing size is tiny and does not feature complex parts that could damage your wing, ding your board, or bruise you. With a focus on user-friendly design, quick setup, and transportation, it is super convenient for users to carry their wings to their favorite surf spots.

The wing’s concept is carefully designed to balance lift and agility. It generates constant traction, preserving the legs from transferring power to the hydrofoil. It provides reliable performance to help surfers catch waves earlier, glide effortlessly, and ride for extended periods. At the same time, the wing’s responsive and maneuverable nature allows for precise control and easy turning, enabling you to perform a variety of tricks on the wave and flat water.


2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.2m, 6.2m, 7.0m



Wind Range
Size (m2)
Wind Strength (knots)
4.0 14-29
4.5 13-27
5.2 11-24
6.2 9-20
7.0 7-17
Pre-Tensioned Sail:

Pre-tensioning a sail is to achieve a desired shape and control its aerodynamic properties. It helps to eliminate wrinkles and creases in the sailcloth, allowing for a smoother and more efficient surface. The amount of stretch experienced during use is minimized. This helps maintain the sail’s performance over time, as stretching can lead to distortion and reduced efficiency. Maneuvers can be performed playfully and without much loss of speed.

Ergonomic Strutshape:

The curved strut allows for an ergonomic hold of the handles to position the wrist neutrally to the arm. The non-slip handles have deep ribs and are oval-shaped, providing a comfortable, secure grip. Preventing the wing from slipping out of the user’s hands improves control and enables precise steering. Both features help reduce fatigue, which increases water time, allowing users to enjoy extended sessions without discomfort.

Air Pressure Separation:

Understanding and managing the air pressure is essential for achieving desired wing performance, stability and control. The leading edge and strut of the TAO have to be filled separately to achieve different stiffness levels to maximize your control and direct handling. This way, optimum performance can be achieved, and quick assembly and disassembly are guaranteed.

Forward-Swept Outline:

The swept-forward wing design improves maneuverability by facilitating control and increasing agility. It supports reactivity and improves roll and lateral stability. The more forward mass and lightweight wingtips increase acceleration and playfulness and improve top-end control.

Advanced Tip-Flex:

Advanced tip-flex causes controlled flexibility or bending in the wingtips. This concept enhances performance and improves the wing’s efficiency, especially during high-speed runs and maneuvering. By allowing controlled flexibility, the wingtips can absorb and dampen some dynamic forces and gust loads encountered during the session.

Enhanced Front Handles:

Flysurfer have improved the balance of the wing in free-flight mode. The stiffened front handle resembles a sports steering wheel and enables the wing to be guided precisely without delay. A neoprene patch underlies the handle to increase comfort and improve wing handling when surfing, preventing injury.

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