HQ4 Kite Killers Wrist Leash Safety System

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HQ4 Kite Killers Wrist Leash Safety System

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When you are flying, the wind can suddenly pick up and the situation can get out of hand and you are unable to hold the power of your kite.

Kitekillers can help you keep the kite from flying away while it slowly goes down towards the ground with minimal power, so you don't lose your kite, injure people or damage any objects downwind of you.

A set of kitekillers consist of a pair of comfortable wrist straps that are very easy to slide over your hands and can be easily secured to your wrist. Attached to each wrist strap is a bungee leash, which is easily attached to the lower leader line on the handle.

Warning! Kite Killers attach the kite to yourself. This is fine unless your kite becomes attached to a moving object, at which point you may well find yourself out of control and moving rapidly also.

Use Kite Killers with caution and be aware that their primary design is as a kite retainer, not a safety de-power system!


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