Mystic Straight Leash -
Mystic Straight Leash -

Mystic Straight Leash

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Mystic Straight Leash

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  • 6ft
  • 8ft
  • 10ft


The Mystic straight leash comes complete with a comfort cuff for use on your ankle or calf (8ft and 10ft versions only) and a keypocket coupled with a highly durable 8mm coil leash.

Using a leash ensures that your board will stay close to you even if you fall or get knocked off of your board.

In general, an SUP leash should be approximately one foot longer than your paddle board. The reason for this is that in the event of a recoil your board will snap back and hit you if the leash is too short. SUP leashes are not the same as surfing leashes and are normally too short and not thick enough for paddle boarders.

If you do not have a leash and you have come across a breeze or current, your board can easily get far away from you.

For use in open water only.

  • Comfort Ankle
  • Calf Cuff (8ft and 10ft only)
  • Keypocket
  • 8mm Coiled Leash


Wind Range
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