Slingshot PTM 825 Front Wing

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Slingshot PTM 825 Front Wing

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The Slingshot PTM Series of high-aspect carbon-fibre front wings are the pinnacle of foiling efficiency.

The 825 has been designed to be ridden hard and fast, so the wing cuts through the water like butter with minimal drag and incredible top-end speed.

If you are looking for maximum pump and glide performance, a great turning radius, and lightning-fast speed reaches, this wing is for you.

  • Surface Area (cm2) - 758
  • Span (mm) - 825
  • Chord (mm) - 115
  • Aspect Ratio - 9.0


Package Includes:

Phantasm PTM 825 Front Wing, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx), Neoprene Wing Cover.


Wind Range
Control Bar