Slingshot PTM 899 Front Wing - Powerkiteshop
Slingshot PTM 899 Front Wing - Powerkiteshop

Slingshot PTM 899 Front Wing

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Slingshot PTM 899 Front Wing

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The Slingshot PTM 899 achieves maximum glide range through a new profile design, a slightly lower "high aspect" ratio, and a balanced anhedral/wing tip twist.

Eventually, gliding will becomes second nature. Gaining high-end speed and glide shouldn't impact your low end. Your new goal becomes optimizing efficiency by maximizing the speed range of your foil while being flagged out.

Slingshot refers to this as the "glide zone". This wing destroys the legacy"surface area" comparison method and this smaller wing will blow away any larger wing for those stuck on that old measuring method.

In other words, you can get more lift, speed, glide, and turning from a wing smaller than you think.

  • Surface Area (cm2) - 925
  • Span (mm) - 899
  • Chord (mm) - 130
  • Aspect Ratio - 8.74

Package Includes: PTM 899 Front Wing, Neoprene Wing Cover, Mounting Hardware


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