Trampa Die-Cut Vinyl Board Stickers

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Trampa Die-Cut Vinyl Board Stickers

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Everybody loves stickers, especially Trampa stickers! Trampa's Old Skool Vinyl Stickers are pain-stakingly hand made at their HQ using the absolute finest Vinyl material available! So long as the area it is to be stuck to is clean the Vinyl, Trampa stickers are guaranteed to stick well and not fade for well over 5 years and most likely much longer! 

Ensure the surface you re-applying too is clean and grease free before applying the sticker. Peel the thick side away from the masking tape so the sticker appears in reverse (negative) and simply lay the masking tape onto the surface in question. Using your fingers or a soft cloth, rub the masking tape, forcing any air out of the vinyl and allowing the vinyl to stick well. Then gently peel away the masking tape to reveal the Vinyl.

370mm long x 70mm high.

Sold in packs of 5.



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